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The Real Don Quixote - Radiolab

Thanks to Sophia for pointing this Radiolab episode out.

Harpooneers and Sailors: A Novel That Is Not Quite Pride and Prejudice

We've been doing topic modeling, which is a form of unsupervised machine learning; here is some unsupervised novel writing.

Hexo+ Your Self-Flying Camera - Auto Follow Gopro Drone

Seems deeply related to our discussions about novel history, narrative perspective, and social media...

President Obama says novels taught him how to be a citizen | Books | The Guardian

Interesting to think about in relation to your reading of Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities for Friday.

GIF IT UP 2015

For GIF-lovers and those finding October break time hanging heavy on your hands...

Newsroom Summer Internships | The New York Times Company

Tangential to our interests, but just in case - NYT newsroom summer internship deadline Oct 31.

October Break Google Book Challenge

1 min read

Finding your October break link-clicking already feels a little aimless? The Rise of the Novel is here to help. Find the digital facsimile of the 1760 second edition of Tristram Shandy published by Dodsley on Google Book. (The real second edition, not the one the Google metadata claims is the second edition, which is actually the third edition.) It exists. (If some one does this successfully and posts the link, I'll create a new and more challenging challenge.)

Down the Rabbit Hole | The New Republic

Article on "the rise, and rise, of literary annotation." Tangentially related to the rise of the novel.

reviews of Jonathan Franzen's Purity

1 min read

Since they are probably inescapable, some reviews of Purity: incisive, fawning, slashing. (Re: our initial conversations about canonical novels and critics, see also Choire Sicha's The 20 Writers Mentioned in the Review of Jonathan Franzen’s “Purity” in “The New Republic,” in Order - and think about the NER!) I have yet to read Colm Toibin's review in the New York Times and many others; feel free to add links in the comments.

Updated Exercise 2

1 min read

Just a quick note to say that as of 8:34 pm est on Monday, Sept 7 I have updated Exercise 2 slightly to add removal of the LOCATION tag.


1 min read

I'm glad you've made it to our Known site. Please make yourself at home.

Remember the assignment for Wednesday:

  • Read through page 56 of Robinson Crusoe.
  • Create a new post containing a single sentence of Robinson Crusoe to here. You may simply type a single sentence and be done with it, or you may do something more clever (as an image, as an audio file, in some other form).

Looking for the syllabus? Here it is.