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Vanishing Point - The New Yorker

Extraordinarily relevant to our discussions on imagined communities and the relationship between social media and the novel.

The Real Don Quixote - Radiolab

Thanks to Sophia for pointing this Radiolab episode out.

Harpooneers and Sailors: A Novel That Is Not Quite Pride and Prejudice

We've been doing topic modeling, which is a form of unsupervised machine learning; here is some unsupervised novel writing.

Hexo+ Your Self-Flying Camera - Auto Follow Gopro Drone

Seems deeply related to our discussions about novel history, narrative perspective, and social media...

President Obama says novels taught him how to be a citizen | Books | The Guardian

Interesting to think about in relation to your reading of Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities for Friday.

GIF IT UP 2015

For GIF-lovers and those finding October break time hanging heavy on your hands...

Newsroom Summer Internships | The New York Times Company

Tangential to our interests, but just in case - NYT newsroom summer internship deadline Oct 31.

Down the Rabbit Hole | The New Republic

Article on "the rise, and rise, of literary annotation." Tangentially related to the rise of the novel.

Running the Stanford NER on Windows - Album on Imgur

I made a step-by-step guide to making the NER work on Windows. Instructions are in the image descriptions.