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Experimental bibliography

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The novel I chose for my bibliography project is The Sylph, by Georgiana Cavendish. The Sylph is an epistolary novel about a woman (Julia Grenville) who has married into high society and moved to London. She becomes disillusioned, and she begins receiving letters of advice from someone called "the sylph". I haven't read the book yet (I skimmed some pages), so I looked up what it was about online. With my experimental bibliography, I'd like to represent some aspect of the content of the book. Though the traditional bibliography doesn't completely capture the physicality of a book, it doesn't quite capture the content either, and I think the content is more important. There are a few things here to think about: the advice Julia gets from the Sylph, the Sylph's anonymity (until the end, presumably), the lowered moral standards Julia apparently finds in the new society she enters. Given the anonymity of the sylph, the event of a masquerade in the book, Julia's disillusionment with London society, and the use of trickery and keeping secrets (though I'm not sure how prevalent deception is in the book; I just know it's there), I think it would be nice to create a mask to represent the novel, or perhaps multiple masks if I wanted to represent a different thing with each mask. One idea is to create a mask by using its text, and cover a mask with text from the book--though this might imply that the novel itself is a mask, and I'm not really sure what that means. Another idea is to design multiple masks based off different characters or concepts in the novel. Some characters in the novel actually wore masks, so in a way some masks could be seen as items or props from the novel.