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exercise 8

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I've been thinking about this for some time, and I'm still left scratching my head. I feel very deeply that topic modeling, data analysis, and metadata can be combined to provide interesting insight into old and new questions. But when I try to think about really good uses, I keep drawing a blank. I'm not sure what I want to know about the corpus, and even worse, I'm not sure what my possibilities are for utilizing the digital technology we have.

I fall back on my previous idea of a hyperlinked concordance, but I'm not sure what question I would try to answer with it. I've also been thinking about how it would be interesting to try to reconstruct a text or a corpus using the outputs of the tools--especially topic modeling, but also fusion tables, word clouds, maps, etc. What could we learn about trying to resee the thing we research through the researching tools? Would it be inaccurate nonsense, like when you use an online translator to translate a word into another language and then back to the original? Or might it broaden our perspectives?