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Exercise 8

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Because the novel I am using for my experimental bibliography project contains a prologue, and since my project engages with the content of the prologue, I have been thinking recently about prologues in general. Relevant questions about prologues include: what information do they convey? In what types of novels do they appear? What is their relation to the novel as a whole? Do they appear more often in first edition copies or subsequent editions of novels? I am also interested in this research question after talking with Professor Buurma about my project last week and learning that one suggestion for choosing which 18th century novels Penn should digitize is the novels with prologues. Preliminary information about these prologues could be very helpful in making this decision. I think topic modeling could tell us what themes are covered in the prologues. Other questions could deal with comparing resulting topics from metadata of novels with prologues vs. novels without prologues. I could also divide the novels with prologues into subcategories derived from metadata information (such as narrative form, publisher, or author).