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Descriptive Bibliography

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Devonshire, Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of. The Sylph; a novel. In two volumes. London: printed for T. Lowndes, No. 77, Fleet-Street, MDCCLXXIX., 1779.

| THE | SYLPH; | A | NOVEL. | IN TWO VOLUMES. | "Ye Sylphs and Sylphids, to your chief give ear, | "Faes, Fairies, Genii, Elves, and Demons, hear! | "Ye know the spheres, and various talks assign'd | "By laws eternal to th' aerial kind: | "Some in the fields of purest water play, | "And bask, and whiten, in the blaze of day; | "Some guide the course of wand'ring orbs on high, | "Or roll the planets thro' the boundless sky: | "Our humbler province is to tend the Fair, | "Not a less pleasing, nor less glorious care." | POPE'S Rape of the Lock. | VOL. I. | [Ornament, size unknown (as a digital facsimile was consulted), looks like a Celtic knot] | LONDON: PRINTED FOR T. LOWNDES, NO. 77, FLEET-STREET. | MDCCLXXIX.


Vol. I, 264 p., Vol. II, 215 p., 12mo; Vol. I, A1, B1-B12, C1-C12, D1-D12, E1-E12, F1-F12, G1-G12, H1-H12, I1-I12, K1-K12, L1-L12, M1-M11; Vol. II, A1, B1-B12, C1-C12, D1-D12, E1-E12, F1-F12, G1-G12, H1-H12, I1-I12, K1-K12


Vol. I: A1r title, A1v blank, B1r-M9v text, M10-M11 advertisements; Vol. II: A1r title, B1-K4v text, K5-K12 advertisements


Epistolary. Source location is Harvard University Houghton Library. Retrieved from Eighteenth Century Collections Online. In both volumes, there appears to be no J gathering. A1v of Vol. I has a stamp and writing on it. The stamp reads | HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY | THE GIFT OF | FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY . The writing reads | By Georgiana, duchess of | Devonshire . There are also some numbers written in the bottom right corner; they read | 7415 | 41-141 | 242 . Other writing on the page is illegible. In Vol. II, A1v is not shown in the digital facsimile. M12 of Vol. 1 is either not present or not shown.