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Assignment 1: Times in Robinson Crusoe

2 min read

I thought that the 'times' list generated by the NER program was rather interesting. The list of unique times gives only "night, last night, evening, afternoon, this morning, morning, this night, midnight, and two hours before midnight". This list seems to be pretty accurate as far as I can tell, though I think it left out times like "within half-an-hour of sunset" and "a little after sunset". The program might have left out other times as well, but I'm not sure if it did or how many. One interesting thing about this list is that the times are a bit vague except for the last two. I think one likely possibility is because the speaker did not know the specific time, or it could be that he did not need to be more specific than that. An interesting thing to do would be to backtrack and see when the specific times were used. The unique list does lose some information that the non-unique list has; namely the frequency with which the times are used. Looking over the list, it looks like night and evening are used quite a bit, and less frequently, morning.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that the program sorts 'Heaven' into the 'Organization' list while it does not seem to be in the 'Location' list. I suppose Heaven could be seen as an organization by referring to God and the angels, but it could also be seen as the place in which they live.